Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Squadron Commander fired for KC-130 crash in Mississippi...is he paying for the former Deputy Commandant for Aviation sins?

via Military.com
The commander of a wing support squadron based in Cherry Point in North Carolina has been relieved of duty after a commanding general lost confidence in his ability to lead.

Lt. Col. Taylor White, commander of Marine Wing Support Squadron 274, was relieved of his post Thursday by Maj. Gen. Matthew Glavy, commander of 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, according to a release send out by 2nd MAW officials.

The wing has recently been linked to two significant aviation mishaps.

On July 10, a KC-130 that took off from Cherry Point crashed in Mississippi, killing all 16 Marines aboard. A day later, lightning struck a flightline in nearby New River, fatally injuring one MV-22 Osprey maintainer and sending another briefly to the hospital.
Story here. 

So let me get this straight.

This squadron commander is getting fired for a mishap that didn't result in the grounding of the entire fleet (the aircraft broke up in midair) and we don't know the cause of yet AND an act of God (I read reports of the incident...as soon as they got word of lightning in the area they were leaving the flight line when the Marines were struck).

Sounds like we're seeing another in a series of scapegoats for the sins of the former Deputy Commandant for Aviation.

It's almost like clockwork.

Class A Mishap?  Fire the squadron commander. It's really getting old.  When the Davis was heading up aviation all he did was tour the nation and talk to the media about the F-35.  Meanwhile Marine Aviation burned.  As he was heading out the door he put together a piece of shit plan to fix what he had neglected and by neglecting broke.  The budget was pushed so heavily toward the F-35 that current maintenance was an afterthought.

It will take at least a decade to fix the mess while trying to bring aboard new aircraft at the same time.

Davis left a mess of a legacy and current Marines are paying the price.

Note:  If any of you "Davis supporters" care to get him online to refute these claims I'll be more than happy to publish his response.  Someone needs to ask the tough questions cause God knows it's not the LCpl Network that leadership needs to worry about...it's the Company/Field Grade Officer Mafia that is getting pissed.

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