Monday, July 03, 2017

Patria AMV 28A to demonstrated its swim capability in Bulgaria.

Thanks to Jonathan for the link!

via Defense Aerospace.
Patria AMV’s capacity to float and surmount water obstacles showcased in Bulgaria.

On June 28-29, the Finnish company Patria, providing defense, security and aviation life-cycle support services and solutions, organised a practical demonstration of an infantry fighting vehicle – surmounting obstacles, shooting demo on the military training area in Tulbeto.

Patria AMV ’s amphibious demo was showcased for the first time in Bulgaria in real conditions at the Koprinka dam. A large number of military officers, governmental representatives, members of parliament and journalists attended the two demonstrations. Patria AMV was equipped with Kongsberg PROTECTOR MCT-30 mm turret. Patria’s products and services are NATO compatible and are customised on an individual, customer-by-customer basis. 
Story here. 

So this explains the above pic that I posted earlier but had no explanation on.

I do wonder though.

Why is Patria limiting themselves to Europe and the Middle East?  I would think the Pacific region would be fertile ground for sales.  Regardless, it seems that the Patria AMV 28A is going to be a real part of their portfolio.  I look forward to seeing it swim more and its ground mobility with its float armor.

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