Monday, July 03, 2017

Politics Talk. Is it possible the news media don't realize how much they're hated?

Catching up on things after a very weird week and was watching the news this morning and everyone is going ape over Trump doing a little photo editing of an appearance on a wrestling show a decade or so ago.

Either the news media lives in an EXTREMELY  soft place and have led EXTREMELY soft lives or these people are just unaware.

The first tranch of reports had it labeled as Trump threatening the news media.  I guess that wasn't working because they then switched over to him belittling the office of the President.  The last was that foreign leaders and citizens were laughing at him.

I just thought it was silly and funny.

But before that I watched the Morning Joe saga vs Trump tweets and I found that most telling.  Mika and Joe have said some pretty bad stuff about Trump and goaded guests on the show to share in that view (didn't take much effort but you get the idea).

My point after all that rambling is this.

No one cares.

Many do dislike Trump and hate his constant tweeting.  But the hate for the media is just as fierce, I dare say even more fierce!

The news media has gotten to the point of believing their own hype.  They really believe that they're the guardians of democracy when they're anything but.   They really believe that they're an essential part of govt that is to be treasured, revered and protected.

I don't view them that way but wonder what you guys make of this thing.  Am I off?  Are you guys outraged by an old clip of a wrestling show with Trump "fake" punching CNN?

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