Friday, July 28, 2017

Politics Talk. The news media is reading the Priebus firing all wrong!

I've been monitoring the news reports of the firing of Priebus today and the news media has it all wrong.

Let me hit you with an alternative narrative.

Paul Ryan, the Vice President and Priebus all pushed and got the President to start out on a "traditional" Republican elite agenda.  Trump had talked about the economy being lackluster.  He talked about unfettered immigration.  He talked about trade.

So what did the Republican elite push for first?  They wanted to go after Obama Care and then move on to tax cuts.

There are reports that Trump wanted to start off with a big infrastructure bill and to work on de-regulation.

He followed their lead and last night the old senile fuck, otherwise known as Mr. Neo-Con, named John by his mother and known as Senator McCain by the rest of us body slammed the one chance to get that done this year.

So where did that leave Priebus?

Basically defenseless and without a bit of power.  The Mooch and his comments?  Bullshit New York bluster.  He talks loud until he gets punched in the mouth and the dude might not even be hire-able if he doesn't sell his company.

The media is painting this as a turf war but its not the one they imagine.  What we're seeing is the Republican elite getting pushed out of the White House.  They steered the ship and they failed on the one big thing they wanted.  I don't know how Trump's agenda will play out now but it's not going to be the same as the Republican elite.  They had one job and they failed.  Now dude is gonna go by instinct and what he thinks his base wants.

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