Friday, July 28, 2017

How breaking news works.

I was gonna let this go but some of you people don't seem to understand how breaking news goes.

When an event happens the news media rushes to get out the broad strokes as fast as possible.  I do the same.  During the time when they're trying to get official word on what's going on there are sometimes early reports that prove false.

It happens ALL THE TIME.  A good example is what we see during terror attacks.  Those killed and injured will fluctuate wildly.  But no one slams the media because its understood that the news is early and that there is MORE TO COME.

Which brings me to my post on the N. Korean Missile Launch.  I heard the news on MSNBC and simply reported what I heard.  I gave fragmentary information because that's all I heard.

But some of you fucking freaks act like information that you get several hours later means that I was wrong?  BULLSHIT!

Get over yourself.  Things are heating up on the Korean peninsula and I told you it was coming.  If reality is too tough for you to take then don't whine on my blog.  Deal with your fears and insecurities but don't bullshit yourself by thinking that you're scoring points because my "fragmentary warning" of breaking news didn't give you ever fucking detail!

You obviously have the internet!


I can't give it all to you on a plate.

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