Friday, July 28, 2017

"The Australian" Newspaper BODY SLAMS the F-35!

via The Australian.
Even if you take out the necessary add ons, the UK audit office estimate of $US300 million per aircraft is more than three times what the Australian parliament thinks it is paying. Indeed, Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne said last month the per plane price had dropped to below $US100 million. While it’s true that the British version of the JSF is more costly than the Australian version, the difference is relatively minor.

Deborah Haynes listed a series of things that were wrong with the JSF as applied to Britain and that was reported in The Australian on July 20.
Then this...
 To top it off, the British have been studying the video of the JSF at the Paris Air Show. Because the aircraft was flying at very high levels, those on the ground couldn’t really follow what was going on. But the videos showed that the JSF was really struggling despite some excellent flying by its test pilot. And just to rub the salt deep into the British wounds Moscow has had its own air show and showed off its new Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft which performed with unbelievable brilliance. There was no comparison. And, of course we all know, the Indonesians are going to buy the Russian Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft.
Story here and I didn't even include the best parts....THIS IS A MUST READ! 

This is a stunning article.  They talk about the Brit and Aussie situation with regard to the F-35 and because the Brits are buying the "B" then it also touches on the Marine Corps.

You can bet your ass I'll be looking at that airshow video AND taking a look at range numbers.  If this article is even half right then things are worse than I thought.

If this article is right then the USMC has essentially doomed its fast jet force for at least two, maybe three decades.  It also explains why the outgoing Deputy Commandant for Aviation was pushing for a tilt rotor combat capable escort/close air support/anti-air UAV.

They know we can't depend on the F-35 and this article might be the first published evidence of what the critics have been right all along.

Sidenote:  What is this freaking plan to bring the F-22 and F-35 "together"? Anyone have a link????

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