Monday, July 31, 2017

The idiocy of Russian sanctions....

U.S. military assets such as multiple M1A2 Abrams tanks, M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and M777 Howitzers arrive to where the opening ceremony for Exercise Noble Partner will by Sgt. Shiloh Capers

The US just imposed sanctions on Russia and predictably the Russians have retaliated.

If you ever wonder why I think the interests of the United States are being actively undermined by the Deep State, Establishment Republicans/Democrats and Neo-Cons then look no further than this latest action from Congress.

Why now?

The US and Russia are on the cusp of finally putting a nail thru the heart of ISIS.  The US finds itself on the edge of full scale combat with N. Korea...for the first time in history a minor power has the capability to hazard a major US city.  Not the Soviet Union or China but a piss ant country ran by a crazy little fat boy can hold an American city under his thumb.

Issues still rage in Afghanistan.  The situation in Ukraine is still unresolved.  Yemen is still a basket case.  Saudi Arabia and the rest of GCC seems hell bent on punishing the UAE for a crime I still haven't heard spoken of in the clear.

In other words the world is in turmoil and instead of seeking to chill things out the Congress has added another situation to the pile instead.

This was a terrible time to "punish" Russia.  The lack of strategic thinking is awe inspiring.  It's almost criminal.

This isn't about anything but weakening Trump.

This is base politics and the Republicans are playing along.

At a time when we need Russian cooperation they choose to go this way instead?  We need a complete purge of Congress.  Stupid should not run the country and our Congress Critters are nothing but stupid.

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