Monday, July 31, 2017

THAAD Missile-Defense System Intercepts Test Target Over Pacific Ocean

This is almost humorous!

The S. Korean President has suddenly done a complete 180 and is now BEGGING for more missile defense for his country.  The US Army has been talking multi-domain warfare for a year and now they're testing the shit out of the THAAD system.

The reality in my mind?  Figure out where the Burke Class Anti-Missile Ships are.  We know that system works and will get the job done.

The biggest future seller when it comes to arms sales for those naval powers that can afford it?  The Navy's integrated firepower scheme.  N. Korea might have done the Pentagon a favor.

They finally have a threat to the nation that isn't amorphous, vague and up for debate.  The N. Korean ballistic missiles CAN change the lives of the people in a major US city.

The Pentagon just got dragged kicking and screaming (thanks policy makers and EVERY previous administration that kicked the can down the road) back to their real reason for being.  NOT TO PROTECT ALLIES but to protect the United States of America!

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