Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The magnificent concepts of Zetor Engineering...a new 8x8 and tracked IFV...

via Janes.
Zetor Engineering, a subsidiary of Czech agricultural machinery producer Zetor Tractors, is developing a family of modular wheeled armoured vehicles that the company hopes to enter into upcoming public tenders for such platforms. These tenders are expected to be announced by a number of armed forces in Central and Eastern Europe, and beyond.

“In general the (armoured vehicle) project is geared towards future tenders and requirements where it will fulfil the criteria (of potential users), “Zetor Engineering's Isabela Vrskova told Jane's on 17 July.

Zetor Engineering has dubbed the flagship vehicle of the development programme as the Projekt 8x8, which boasts an enlarged hull capable of accommodating a crew of three (vehicle commander, driver, and gunner) and up to eight fully equipped infantry.
The company website is here. 

I don't know about you but personally I like it!  Small countries that are doing the work of innovating for their home defense needs?

This is the kind of national independence that I can get behind.  If we want our allies to take a bigger role in their own defense then I'm thinking that building up their "at home" defense industries and not forcing them to rely on outside products is probably the best way to go.

Develop a NATO/Western standard and build to it.  It doesn't have to look alike or work the same way...just get the job done and we should all be satisfied.  If it increases a nation's spending on defense but cuts off exports from our own industry?  A monetary loss but a big integrated defense win!

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