Thursday, July 06, 2017

Vulcano guided munitions for the U.S. Navy?

via CDR Salamander writing for USNI Blog.
There are a few things almost all navalists will agree on.

1. A multi-purpose gun is the cornerstone to any useful warship.

2. We don’t have enough guns in the fleet, and with the ZUMWALT’s stillborn 155-mm promise, we are short of options.

Over and over again, the economy, effectiveness, and reliability of naval gunfire proves itself. In the modern age, from the Al Faw, to Somalia, to the coast of Libya; 76mm, 100mm, and 5″ (127mm) have done more than they are given credit for for the US Navy and her allies.
Story here. 

Then the CDR goes into talking about BAE USA and Leonardo teaming up to offer the Vulcano guided munition to the US Navy.

Sounds like a gawd damn plan to me!

Squiddies can be annoying (except for Corpsmen...they're always cool) but they generally do right by the Corps.  I predict this will be purchased.  2 year turnaround max.

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