Thursday, July 27, 2017

What is the individual's responsibility to the state?

Simple question so don't blow it up with triviality, frivolity and stupidity.

What is the individual's responsibility to the state?

I asked a question yesterday and the responses were...interesting.  I heard people say that they were born with certain rights.  I heard responses that said that service in the military (or some other public service sector) should not be required.

I'll bite.

I ask again.  What is the individual's responsibility?

Looking at this from a US perspective (perhaps jaded but I still believe we're the greatest nation on this planet) I hear much about what the govt owes its citizens.  I hear much about the states (meaning nation state) responsibility is to the citizen but never the reverse!

Some have said taxes are their contribution.  To that I say bullshit.  Taxes in the classic meaning are transactional.  The citizen pays those taxes with the belief that it will fund things that are for the common good.  More to this discussion the expectation is that if they ever need those services they will be provided poste haste.

The best example of this is police service.  If you get mugged you expect the police to arrive promptly and hopefully arrest the perpetrator!  Same goes with fire and EMT services if you should happen to need them.

So no.  Taxes aren't good enough.

But you say I live in the US and I'm just getting by.  I don't owe this nation a fucking thing.  To that I say false.  Go anywhere else on the planet and you can see real poverty if you land in the right country.  I don't care if you're living in the ghetto, in the Appalachian mountains, or on the backside of a bayou, deep in a swamp or hid away in the backwoods with poor cable service you're still better off than many "middle class" people I've seen in other countries.

So the question remains.  What the fuck DO YOU owe the nation?  Or is it a case of "forget that bullshit" the state owes me?

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