Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Your Tues "What If"...What if future air warfare is an electronic warfare playground where nothing works?

Thanks to Koh for the thought provoking idea!

Let's do a quick "What if".


The US military has embarked on a plan to disperse it's units, and to provide mutual support thru "networked systems".  We see this on the land in the form of Company Landing Teams/Expeditionary Rifle Squads, to operations on the sea in the form of Independent Ship Ops, Disaggregated MEUs and even in command setups by forming MEB Hq as a permanent organization that will deploy to regions to command a wide array of forces.

The "What If".

What if we are headed toward a scenario in which we haven't operated since WW2 (at best...at least on land...maybe the air battles over Vietnam come close) in which the enemy is able to effectively jam our communications, monitoring systems and even break our encryption?

What would happen to that CLT that is more dependent on supporting fires if it can't call for fire once its found and fixed?  What happens to that single US Navy Frigate that is found, fixed and is on the receiving end of a salvo of anti-ship missiles fired by terrorists?  What happens to our aircraft when they have to close to within knife fight range and hook & jab in a telephone booth (if you're too young to know what a telephone booth is then look it up) because there's so much electronic interference that they're forced to rely on their eyeballs?


I'll leave this one up to you.  Is this a possibility?  Is this a lesson that the rest of the world has learned from the Ukrainian civil war that we've ignored (I'll never forget reading about the Ukrainian Lt that had to escape/evade back to his lines after they had been overrun...I'll try and find it but even in it's "war college" form its chilling)? Are we arrogantly assuming that "it won't happen to us"?

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