Saturday, August 12, 2017

Breaking! Charlottesville declares state of emergency! UPDATED!

Only in America!

Simply awesome.  The Alt-Right stages a nighttime rally with a march punctuated by torch carrying protesters, interrupt a prayer service in a black church, and today they're engaged in street fights with counter protesters.

Pretty tough being a conservative when you see shit like this.

I'll continue to watch the drama (you can too it's on all the major news networks) and when I hear more you will too.

Side note:  I had to highlight the torch carrying.  That has bad America it's often associated with Neo-nazis, but most especially the Klan during a night raid on a defenseless family.  I'll have to chew on this awhile cause it's rather annoying to see (this is a tremendous understatement).

UPDATE 1:  Fox News is trying their very best to paint the White Supremacists as victims.  Simply amazing.

UPDATE 2:  Torches being carried at night?  Anarchist roaming the streets?  Shots will probably be fired tonight.  If the Mayor was smart he would ask that the National Guard be deployed now.  They were slow to react to the initial violence so I'm expecting late decisions and a lengthy news conference stating how they did the best they could.

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