Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chinese APS demonstrated

Thanks to Koxinga for the pic!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I told you people that China would soon be making next gen fighting systems and here they are being rolled out.

Thanks to my readers you're getting a first look at these systems thru open sources.  This shit isn't secret.  They're basically spitting in our face telling us that they can take us in a straight up fight.

Between new armored systems coming online, new APS that might be able to defeat our short ranged anti-tank weapons and an ability to produce on a scale that we can't, it's obvious what the Chinese are doing.

They're on the verge of fighting the perfect war.

They're on the verge of winning without having to fight.  Sun Tzu would be proud.

Side note:  Now do you get the force of connection?  Forward basing US forces around the world has made us weaker, not increased stability!  We're wasting strength in Europe trying to "surround" Russia while the real threat goes unchallenged in the Pacific.  Additionally we have too many forces in the second island chain that are now VULNERABLE to a Chinese first strike.  A few dozen missiles lobbed at Guam and Okinawa and suddenly we're lost almost a third of Marine Corps forces in the minutes that it takes to fly from mainland China and a few artificial islands (talking non-nuclear ballistic missiles).  Russia is not the threat!  China is!

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