Monday, August 21, 2017

Classification of IDF Infantry...if true then the Co-Ed unit is a publicity stunt!

I did a post talking about the new Lions of the Valley Co-Ed IDF infantry unit. Admittedly I'm operating off nothing but looks.  But taking a gander at those pics and I get more Pepsi commercial than cold steely eyed killers.

I stated that it looked like some millennials got together for a camping trip and air soft was the entertainment.

As expected I got immediate push back.  A little birdy landed in my e-mail box and said this.
Israel created a special tier of infantry for border security and overwatch.  Their special operations units are trained to level 09, conventional infantry to 07, and coed "infantry" to 05.  These latter units have participated in neither the Gazan nor Lebanese campaigns, and never will (unless the other forces have been annihilated).
I know what you're saying.  The USMC is going thru the same thing so why is it a bigger deal for Israel.  Simple!  Israel is under threat for its very existence on an almost daily basis.  We (the US) operate far from home and for the past 50 plus years have gotten involved in wars of choice, not necessity.

I don't think we can afford to be politically correct when it comes to defense issues but if anyone can it's us.  The IDF and Israeli people can't.  But they started this crap so they should be the first to test it.  I wish them well but it's gonna be a terrible thing to see what's done to an Israeli Female Soldier that is captured by Hezbollah.  That's one YouTube video I'll pass on watching. Unfortunately they're lining up some little girl to face that fate.

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