Thursday, August 03, 2017

COIN Mafia is finally meeting its end....Trump gave general's authority and they haven't shown results!

via Washington Post.
President Donald Trump has become increasingly frustrated by the situation in Afghanistan and has recently floated a change in command as he struggles to settle on a new strategy after years of war.

NBC News first reported Wednesday that Trump fumed during a meeting last month over the lack of progress. The network said he also proposed firing Army Gen. John Nicholson, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, during the heated Situation Room exchange.

The U.S. has been fighting in Afghanistan for nearly 16 years, but Trump has yet to settle on a new strategy for achieving the goal he inherited from the Obama administration: getting the Afghan government to a point where it can defend itself.
Story here.

I don't know where Sean Spicer put my request for credentials but IF ANY of you are advising the president then tell him the following...

1.  The Pentagon is just like any other agency in Washington.  There ARE holdovers, Democrats etc...that want to sabotage your agenda.

2.  FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS!  Fire a fucking general for being ineffective in war!  This war has been raging for over a damn decade!  What are we hearing?  We need to train and assist?  If that was the answer then we would have been finished at least 5 years ago!  You can't train primitives in sandals how to fight the way that we do!

3.  The problem isn't just Afghanistan!  Pakistan is the source of our troubles there.  If we won't address that viper's nest then there can be no success in Afghanistan!

4.  You're not only fighting a war, but you're also fighting a concept!  Counter Insurgency Zealots will spill American blood and throw away American treasure to prove to their "daddy's" that they could do in Afghanistan what couldn't be done in Vietnam.  Don't let them waste any more of our wealth!

Trump played the Pentagon like a fiddle.  

He put them in charge and they can't run to the news media about how civilians are ruining the war effort with restrictive rules of engagement etc. The basic problem is a bit more severe and much more worrying.  Remember this saying?

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