Friday, August 04, 2017

Fitness Talk. Cardio is killing your gains!

I love this guy, but he's essentially telling us what we already know.  What I find interesting is his conclusions at the end of the video (ya...make sure you watch it!).

We're seeing the end of an era.  For me its been both personal and on a fan basis.  The days of the mass monster, even for men, is over.  Ms. Olympia died because people (men and women) didn't like the aesthetic.  Little did I realize, but the same is happening to Mr. Olympia.

This is Morgan huge motherfucker! If I meet this
beast in an alley, its empty the mag, reload, empty
the mag, grab the 33rd out the bag, empty it again. He'll
probably survive, be pissed and its legs don't fail me now time..
Nature is balancing though...he could walk 100ft without getting winded
but if he gets hands on its lights out!
It only makes sense.  People are more health conscious and although I still follow professional bodybuilding, you hear more and more fans of the sport saying "yeah he's massive but I don't want to look like that".

That's telling.

What's even more interesting is that they're right.  When you have so much muscle that walking up stairs is tough, and tying your shoes is misery then you might have overdone it!

The new hotness?

Functional fitness.  Crossfitters are gonna scream with joy at the notion but those people are looney in a different direction.  I don't understand them at all.  They don't give a damn about properly performing an exercise and they only chase reps (after that crunch challenge I don't get it and WILL NEVER do that kind of shit again).

The answer in my mind is what's being talked about in this vid.  Functional fitness in the form of proper weight training with cardio.  I mean seriously!  I have yet to understand what the rope training (as in swinging a rope in a gym) does for either conditioning or strength.  I have yet to understand how kipping your ass off while doing pullups is an indication of real strength instead of having technique mastered.

Mr/Ms Olympia is dead.  Crossfit is stupid.  Long live proper weight training and cardio!

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