Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Do you understand the ramifications of N. Korea having Nukes that can reach the Midwest of the US?

I need to point this out to the peace doves in my audience.

In North Korea we have an individual that is considered a little fat madman, that views himself (and his people view him) as a God, has no institutions to limit his actions and now finds himself in possession of a nuclear weapon and the rockets that are long ranged enough to carry them as far as Chicago, USA.

We've never faced this prospect before.

Yeah we went for years facing off against the Soviet Union during the Cold War but it was understood that a nuclear war would be tragic for both countries.  Additionally as much as I despise communism, even in that system there were institutions that would prevent their leader from acting "stupidly".

That same thinking applies to China.  When it comes to Pakistan, Iran, Libya during Qaddafi's regime and even Iran during Saddam's reign, we saw a threat that couldn't reach our shores.  Europe might have been under threat.  India might have been under threat.

But never the US and certainly not major US cities.

Think about it like this.

We've reached a point where the little crazy fat boy can wake up in a bad mood, decide that he wants to end it all and can (unless we're lucky and the tech works perfectly) snuff out Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle or Portland!  While I would miss San Diego and Denver, we still can't tolerate the idea of ANY US city being taken out.

So what do we do?

Peace Doves will say do nothing.  That's rolling the dice on the good graces of a crazy dude.  The problem with that?  You never trust a crazy dude.  War Hawks like Lindsey Graham are saying just obliterate the entire country.  The causalities will be massive.  I'll go into greater detail on another blog post but the only way a decapitation strike can work is with WELL TUNED neutron bombs.

When I say tuned it will rest on the idea of some brilliant geeky nerdy joker pulling our bacon out of the fire and developing a neutron bomb that is short duration but still extremely lethal.

If we have such a device then SOCOM might be able to do the do.  Drop the neutron bombs, wait till you can at least function in hazmat suits and hopefully those guys have practice on conducting ops in them (another reason why I think winter time could be the right time...they're hot as hell) and basically step over the dead while you collect the weapons and the dear leader.

But I digress.

Chicago and other US cities are now under a nuclear cloud from a third world country.  We've never seen that before.  So what do we do about it?

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