Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) @ ITX 5-17 Heliborne Assault by Cpl. Christopher Mendoza

The UTV is replacing the Growler as the standard Internally Carried Vehicle for the Marine Corps faster than I thought...and I thought it would be quick!

The only thing that has me wondering is how they could rate the Growler as being a competent fast attack vehicle but the UTV as not being suitable.  Quite honestly I think that was a lie.  The whole selection of the Growler is shrouded in mystery, apparently a bit of corruption and a rigged selection system. Check out the vid below.

The solution?  Simple.  Make whatever modifications necessary to make the UTV a suitable fast attack vehicle and put the Growler in the junkyard or sell them to some civilian idiot that wants a backyard rig that they can't take off road!

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