Monday, August 14, 2017

F-35 Block 4 is now labeled an "upgrade"...another 4 billion dollars to get BASELINE capabilities!

via Sputnik
Proposed plans to modernize the F-35 joint strike fighter program would need almost $4 billion of new funding, according to a government review of Defense Department policies.

The first wave of proposed F-35 modernization plans "is projected to be over $3.9 billion through 2022, which would exceed the statutory and regulatory thresholds for what constitutes a major acquisitions program and would make it more expensive than many of the other major acquisitions defense programs already in [the Pentagon’s] portfolio," the Government Accountability report, released this week, said.
Story here. 

Another 4 billion dollars to get the baseline capabilities that we were promised so long ago?  Not good.  Additionally I've got to check the timeline because this story is saying THRU 2022.  I thought they would complete the Blk 4 idiocy by 2019.  Where did the additional 3 years come from?

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