Friday, August 04, 2017

Fitness Talk. The supplements I take....

I was reading some of the comments that hit from the post I did about cardio killing gains so I decided to list some of the supplements I take to help with recovery and performance.  I do TRT and blast/cruise so that's a cheat that some might not be willing to do, but I recommend anyone that is 40 and over (at the very least...maybe younger considering how abusive you were on your body when younger...and I'm talking physical activity, not drinking) talk to your doctor about getting your T levels checked.  If you're suffering low T then you're missing out on a massive improvement in lifestyle across the board...from sex to physical performance and even mood!

But I digress.  This is the stuff that I take...

Yeah simple ZMA.  This stuff is great for getting a decent nights sleep, boosts your T levels and both those things help build muscle.  A good night's sleep is the most underrated part of fitness and it's part of why guys get fat in later years.  5 hours of sleep a night?  If you want to get fit then you better adjust your lifestyle and work to get at least 7.  Consider this.  Professional bodybuilders try and get at least 9 hours per day (they take naps and shit but you get the idea!).

This stuff is kinda new (well it's been hot for about 2 years now) and what its suppose to do is increase pumps as part of a pre-workout.  The problem is this though.  You have to take more than what the label says if you want to get the real deal pumps.  The scientific research on performance says that you need to take between 12 and 18 grams of this stuff a day.  I hit the 12 grams (that's only 3 servings a day...two teaspoons per serving), mix it with Clear American White Grape flavored water from Walmart and guzzle it down.  GREAT pumps, crazy veins and fringe benefits that your girl will enjoy.  This stuff is making the old forms of nitric oxide obsolete!

Iced coffee isn't exactly a supplement but I use it as an aid to stay the course with my low/no carb diet.  Just make some damn coffee, blend it with almond milk, add the artificial sweetener of your choice and have a energy boost, hunger suppressant and pretty awesome treat wrapped in one.  If you're like me and you make strong coffee then this is the only way to go...not only does the almond milk take the sting out (kinda like that though) but it also gives you that sweet thing that helps you stay on track.

Stuff I don't take that might work for you...

1.  Creatine.  Everyone knows about this stuff so I won't touch on it.  I personally don't like the bloat and since I found my new "pump" maker I don't feel I need it.

2.  Yohimbine.  This stuff is suppose to be everything from a sex aid, to a fat burner, to a pre-workout etc...I don't do it cause I think the effective dose is rather high.  Additionally from what I've read it causes anxiety in some people and most definitely raises your blood pressure.  Use with care bros!

3.  L-Arginine.  Like I said and I'll repeat.  I like Citrulline better.  L-Arginine is so last decade but some still swear by it.

4.  Whey Protein.  I'm getting away from this because I crunched the numbers and I'm hitting my macros for protein intake.  There are many however that aren't.  This is one that is a must if you're not getting enough from regular food.  ONE CAVEAT's better to get it through food!  The research that I've read can't explain why that is but that seems (at least according to my reading of it) to be the consensus on the subject.  So why do we see all the fitness guru's on YouTube taking it?  Probably because they're sponsored by nutrition companies instead of the American Beef or Poultry associations! I'll never understand why farmers aren't pushing the fitness aspect of beef and chicken but they aren't and they're missing out.

5.  Ecdysterone and Methoxyisoflavone.  These two are controversial and for the life of me I can't understand why they aren't more popular but I've tried them and they delivered!  Stack these two and you're at the edge of doing steroids.  Check out this write up at

These are the things that I know work.  Notice that there are no blends, no secret formulas etc.  I'm way past that nonsense.  I want to know what works and doesn't.  Additionally I don't want to take anymore than is necessary to achieve my goals.

I'm kinda curious about what you guys are taking.  Is there something great out there that I've missed?

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