Friday, August 04, 2017

Politics Talk. Have you been following the Rep. Schultz IT scandal?

via Free Beacon.
Awan and several of his family members are believed to have stolen computer equipment used by Congress and penetrated sensitive networks linked to the House Foreign Affairs Committee and other networks.

Awan and others allegedly involved in the scandal remained on the congressional payroll for months after their activity became public, prompting calls by senior lawmakers for an independent investigation in Wasserman Schultz's handling of the situation.

Awan is also believed to have defrauded the House of Representatives by using taxpayer funds to buy computer equipment that is now missing.

DeSantis, who has spearheaded efforts to move forward with the probe into this scandal, told the Free Beacon on Thursday that the Trump administration must take immediate steps to freeze any assets that may have been transferred by Awan to Pakistan.
Story here. 

Let's be real here.  Computer equipment goes missing all the time.  Getting a request thru for computer gear is easy...especially if you're working for a Congress Critter.

So what's going on with this?

If this is real...and if Free Beacon isn't blowing this thing out of proportion then we're looking at a real deal breach of Congress.  These guys had access to state secrets (depending on how carefully Congress treats that info, but if the last few months are a guide, everyone and their mother can get access to anything).

Chime in IF you have REAL DEAL visibility on this issue.  I'm curious but a bit confused.

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