Sunday, August 20, 2017

IDF's Lions of the Valley (a couple of pics)

IDF's Flickr Page lured me in with images of the Merkava, but the highlight of this photo stream is the Lions of the Valley "coed" infantry unit.  Why didn't I post the pics?  Because they look like a millennial camping trip with airsoft as the entertainment.

The pics I saw didn't inspire confidence and didn't make believe that these people could go toe to toe with Hezbollah and win.  As a matter of fact I would bet money that if they were to spearhead a push into Palestinian neighborhoods they would be sent back home with their legs between their tales.

Don't believe me?  Go to the IDF Flickr Page and take a look for yourself.  This is not the IDF that won for the Israeli people.  Quite honestly I fear for them. I can easily see the IDF getting defeated on the conventional means.

I am a supporter of Israel but the decisions being made fill me with dread. I wonder if they'll even exist in another 50 years unless they make some serious changes fast.

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