Sunday, August 20, 2017

USS McCain hit by civilian merchant ship. Once an accident, twice enemy action...

via Reuters
Ten sailors are missing after a U.S. warship collided with an oil tanker east of Singapore on Monday, the U.S. Navy said, the second accident involving U.S. Navy destroyers in Asian waters in little more than two months.

The guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain collided with the merchant vessel Alnic MC while heading to Singapore for a routine port call, the Navy said in a statement.

"Initial reports indicate John S. McCain sustained damage to her port side aft," the Navy said. "There are currently 10 sailors missing and five injured."
Story here. 

Sorry Squiddies.  I know I'm gonna have a bunch of sailors chiming in saying that these are crowded waters and collisions are unfortunate but ordinary course of doing business.

I say to them...ARE YOU SMOKING CRACK?

Think about it like this.  In the span of a couple of months we've seen two of our premier surface combatants taken out of action for at best a year because of collisions in the Pacific.

We're not seeing LPD, LHA, or MPS ships hit.  We're not even seeing auxiliary ships that conduct special missions hit.

No.  The ships that are getting punctured are our anti-air, anti-ballistic missile all stars.

Unless the entire US Navy Surface community decided to lose their minds all at once this smells.  I could be wrong about enemy action but this makes no sense.  SOMETHING IS GOING ON!  What it is we'll probably never know but this is suspicious as fuck.

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