Saturday, August 19, 2017

Indian and Chinese Troops brawl at 14K feet! This will get out of control!

via Live Fist.
They’ve been caught on camera shoving each other and flinging abuse, but this new video clip shot from a mobile phone capturing a particularly ill-tempered brawl between Indian and Chinese troops at the Finger Four area of Ladakh’s Pangong Tso lake area on August 15 is startling. The soldier on the left advancing forward are PLA troops, the men on the right belong to India’s Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). The video for the first time confirms reports this week that Chinese troops not only brought in a flag — standard practice during such posturing — but immediately escalated the situation by picking up and flinging rocks at the Indian men. The video begins with an equal number of troops facing off in a curved line. This group soon splits into two separate knots of confrontation. The one closer to the hill erupts first in a fit of violence, with the second soon following suit. Fully apparent in the video is stone-pelting, shoving, kicking and injuries. Wind has disrupted much of the audio in this clip, but the atmosphere is still audible.
Story here. 

Wow.  This could spin out of control in so many ways.  I can see it now.  They agree to fist fights and some young buck breaks a Ka-Bar.  Next thing you know he gets a chipped tooth or busted nose and it's a knife between the ribs and the shooting starts.

Neither side will back down either.

Both proud.  Both see themselves as regional if not world powers.  Both refusing to lose face to the other.

Yep, this shit will get out of control and it'll probably be more than a simple border clash.

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