Saturday, August 19, 2017

This is my EDC. What's yours? (Pic).

So what's in my EDC?  Glad you asked (even though you didn't).  From left to right and top to bottom. The bag is a Maxpedition Remora.  Don't like to carry big bags (if I bag carry).  This one is especially cool because I can switch it from back to front carry and it weighs practically nothing.  Additionally it keeps me to only carrying the minimum.

On the bag is a wall adapter for charging my phone, the cable to do the same and retractable ear buds.  As far as that's concerned I'm not a music connoisseur and I mostly watch various videos so they're good for me.  I have them zip tied at the very top (near the buds) because I only listen in one ear. NEVER BOTH!  Paranoid like that.  I want my ears to detect that sudden "bump in the night" or day and I don't want so much sound flooding my ears that I can't get the signal.

Eyeglass case with my spectacles. A generic writing instrument.  A stylus for use on my phone (fat fingers) and a Nightcore Mt06.  It's totally inadequate but I'm paralyzed by analysis on what to get to replace.  It's 165 lumens and quite honestly that should be enough but I want more.  The problem?  Size and weight constraints.  I want the same form factor but at least 500 lumens because flashlights are like personal weapons.  They don't do you any good if they're so big that you don't carry them.

Next to that is a Gerber Multi-tool.  I don't use it as much as I should.  I always end up grabbing a purpose built tool.  I think its past time to put this thing to some sold work.

I'm not at all a knife guy but I carry Kershaw Cryo.  It's a good size for EDC, and I won't shed tears if I misplace it.  There are more capable ones on the market but I like this little bubba.  Again I'm not at all a knife guy but I saw that Kershaw Knockout with green handles, black blade and it sings to me.

Above that (the white thing) is just a cleaning cloth for the glasses. Below the knife, multiplier and flashlight is my trusty Glock 26.

Absolutely luv the thing.  Compact, beyond adequate firepower in a neat package.  I'm sold like stupid on Critical Defense 115 grain hollow points. I run that in all mags (I don't mix and match...some guys do and I don't understand it....I need to know the performance of my ammunition in every mag without having to add the stress in a bad situation of feeling the impulse of the gun as I'm trying to dispatch some goon).

In the pic you'll see I've got a Glock 19 mag inserted with an adapter from A&G.  Everyone (I believe) goes for the X-Grips but I prefer the feel of the offering from A&G.  So that's 16 rounds ready to go in my weapon and if carrying on body (which I do most of the time) then I have a spare G19 mag with adapter in my pocket.

I'm rather situational.  When I go to church or somewhere else where I'm a bit more worried about printing then I'll go down to the standard G26, ten round mag.  Usually even in those areas I'll have the bag in the truck so (locked center console...that's another blog a recommendation for you guys) so that's either 31 rounds on person or at the lowest 26.  Below all that is my 33 round funstick. It fits my bag with no problem so if I find myself fighting bastards from the 9th circle of hell I have a total of 74 rounds to get myself and loved ones out of trouble.

Not pictured.  My little Samsung cellphone, my IWB holster and the fact that it's the 19th so I have cleaning supplies on the table.  Usually try and do a light cleaning and gentle lube on my carry piece on the 15th of every month.

Got distracted this month and missed it.  I'll make up for it this morning.

But enough about me.  What's your EDC?

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