Sunday, August 27, 2017

Interesting theory on where the Black Hawk that crashed off the coast of Yemen came from...remember the MV C Ocean Trader?

Lee, a sailor and frequent commentator on naval websites has an interesting theory on where the Black Hawk that crashed off the coast of Yemen came from.  

I never would have thought of it in a million years.

Long short?  Remember the MV C Ocean Trader?  Yeah that Roll on Roll off transport ship that the Navy converted for Special Ops use that NO ONE seems to have good photos of and seems to be a freaking ghost on the high seas?

Yeah, that ship.

The weird thing?  It's suppose to have been modded with a flight deck able to handle CH-53's, hangar space, able to launch small boats/jet skis...yet I've looked online and can find no pic of the ship with said mods!


We're involved in shit all over the globe and they're playing word sausage to make it happen.  Do we have boots on the ground?  Depends I guess (if they're playing the word games I think) on when you ask the question.  If they have a mothership off the shore of Yemen and they go in and out, the only way you could get a legit answer (if they didn't fall behind the "no comment" cover phrase) is if you asked them while an actual operation was underway.

All this does beg for one other question though.  What about those MLPs that the Navy is converting to AFSBs?  Do they still have a role for SOCOM or can we use them to make a four ship MEU converting it to a Reinforced MEU that I've been shouting 3 years for the Marine Corps to experiment with?

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