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How good are databases in the US? Arrests are still being made in the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" weirdness...

Note:  I know where most of you stand on this.  I stand on the opposite side. I don't expect your opinion to change because mine won't.  You march at night with torches saying you're with the KKK, Neo-Nazis or a White Supremacists then I won't ever be on your side.  Fuck you, your family and your friends.  Having said that this is somewhat disturbing on a different level.  Read the linked articles and decide for yourself.  You come on the blog spouting WHAT I CONSIDER stupid shit and it's gonna get deleted and possibly more.

Story 1.  Video Shows Man Shooting At Crowd During Charlottesville Rally, With No Police Response via
A man attending the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month fired his gun in the direction of a black counterprotester who was holding a torch, and police in their vicinity did not seem to respond.

Those events appear in a video filmed two weeks ago by a volunteer with the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia and published by the civil rights group on Saturday.

As seen in the footage below, a man in a blue sleeveless shirt, a green vest and a bandana on his head pulls out a gun and aims it at a counterprotester, who is off camera and appears to be holding a makeshift lit torch. The first man appears to yell a racial slur at the black man, then fires the gun toward the ground in the direction of the counterprotesters. 

The shooter then leaves the scene by joining a line of white supremacist protesters and walking past law enforcement officers, who were standing behind metal barricades about 10 feet away. 
Story here.

I remember this particular incident...well a part of it anyway.  The black guy used a can of aerosol as a flame thrower.  What I saw were Nazis/KKK swinging back with sticks and clubs.

I did not see a person shooting and why this came out so late is beyond me. My belief is that they were seeking to tamp down tensions and the thought that one of the protesters actually fired on the counter protesters would have lit a fuse.

The next thing that's a mystery is that this happened 10 feet away from law enforcement?  It'll never be made public but you can bet that someone from the Charlottesville police is gonna make a ton of money touring the country giving a lessons learned from this incident.  I'd sure like to know why they didn't act immediately but oh least no one was shot.  Question.  How can you fire into a crowd and hit nothing?  Don't tell me he didn't want to.  You yell a racial slur and then shoot into a crowd and don't want to hit?  That son of bitch can't shoot.

Story 2.  Three Charged in Charlottesville Alt-Right Rally Attacks via Daily Beast.
Three people have been charged in connection with the white supremacist rally that took place in Charlottesville earlier this month, police said. Daniel Borden, 18, and Alex Ramos, 33, were charged with malicious wounding, likely in connection with the beating of a 20-year-old black man, Deandre Harris, inside a parking garage. The incident was caught on camera. Borden is being held in Cincinnati, while Ramos is still at large. Richard Preston, 52, was charged with “discharging a firearm within 1000 feet of a school,” according to a police statement. Preston was arrested Saturday in Maryland.
Story here. 

Remember this one too.  It was caught on video.  They separated this guy from the group and beat him with clubs, sticks and heel stomped him.  Weird thing.  He should be dead.  No way he could have gotten away if they intended to break him.  He weighed a buck oh five and had no fight in him.  He just sat there getting the shit kicked out of him and didn't fight back.  Not once.  No skills, no training, no strength.  He put his life in the hands of men that have no regard for him.  The dude that got his ass beat disgusts me.  Outnumbered?  Pick one and fuck him up to the best of your ability.  Make him bleed.  You're gonna get fucked up so you might as well make them least one of them but no.  This guy was pure pussy.

Having said that, this is somewhat disturbing.  Many of these guys have no police record so how are they able to track them down so fast?  How can they be identified so quickly?

I can tell you and some will say conspiracy theory but it's obvious.  They've merged databases and they probably have facial recognition working overtime.  If you have a drivers license, were in the military, social security recepeint, have a facebook page, post pics of yourself online then they can track you down.  Hell one dude was able to do it just from images of people online...he tracked them down, publicized that they marched and many of those people got fired or are being run out of their homes (not shedding one single fucking tear about that either).

We live in a police state guys.  If you're involved in a high profile incident you can't disappear in the crowd.

But back to my audience.  What can you do to evade this scourge (and I'm assuming that you aren't a law breaker but a guy wanting to protect his privacy)?  Modify your habits and do this to your ball cap, cover whatever you want to call it.

Warning though.  Do NOT wear this in certain locations...areas that you might consider low threat will get you a close look by security personnel if the cameras are monitored.    But better to have security follow you around a store and having them be a bit bewildered than popping up on the database.

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