Saturday, August 12, 2017

Is the ST Kinetics Terrex 3 the "new" BAE SEP/Alligator?

Everyone loves to beat up on weapons makers.  It's a favorite hobby of the left because they'd rather spend money on butter and the right isn't too pleased because we think they're charging too high a price.

But what happens when they get it right?

What would the reaction be if the weapons builders cracked the code and developed systems that checked all the boxes, came in at the right price AND was top of the line gear without compromise?

I think it could go unsold.  As a matter of fact I say that we've seen that exact scenario before and could be seeing it again.  In aviation we've seen it with the F-20 Tigershark and in armored vehicles we've seen it with the BAE SEP/Alligator.

In essence it was the Patria AMV and Rheinmetall Boxer rolled into one, in a lighter package but still modular.  Even more stunning?  They trialled APS on it before APS was cool!

What do I fear for ST Kinetics?

Well after the experience with the SEP/Alligator we saw BAE pullback a bit. I can't blame them.  They built what every army worldwide said they wanted and no one bit.

I think ST Kinetics could face the same issue with the Terrex 3.

A post was put up about a week or so ago that pointed to issues with their American partner, SAIC.  Some troubling word came out with regard to personnel matters and budget regarding both the AAV-SU and the ACV competitor.

I'm holding off but I really believe the decision is all but made.  Simply take a look at the testing of the vehicles below.

Look carefully and you'll see that it looks like there is one SAIC/ST Kinetics vehicle missing from the lineup.  Is it possible that they already splashed? Yeah it's possible but I don't see Combat Camera taking a pic that would put a manufacturer in a bad light unnecessarily.

I think you're seeing what was on deck for the testing (I stand ready to be corrected but if you do then explain it fully please).

ST Kinetics labored long and hard to introduce a world beating vehicle to the world.  I think they succeeded, but the world ain't fair and unless things dramatically change they could go the way of the BAE SEP/Alligator.

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