Saturday, August 12, 2017

Warhammer News. Were all those "Elephant Marches" in the Pacific a clue that something was up?

Do you remember the "Elephant Walks" at Kadena and Osan Air Bases?  Aviation enthusiasts were in awe and I just brushed it off.

It's some airplanes.  Seen one.

But in light of what we're seeing brewing in N. Korea was this part of a well laid plan to get forces focused on potential action?

I think I've been looking at this wrong.

Reading a few "military bloggers" some are pushing the idea (along with the idiotic news media) that there are no signs that the US is prepared to strike.

Why would we believe that we'd see a rerun of Gulf War 1?  Why would we believe that we would see a six month build up? I pushed that meme but it isn't right (I think).  Everyone has seen that play book and it would cause so many casualties that it would be stunning.  I think we're right to expect a lightning strike but I believe instead of a long steady buildup we'd see LIGHTNING LOGISTICS!

Could the US military do this on the fly?

I believe they could.

What would it entail?  Massive reinforcement by air for Army units in Korea. They would marry up with material deposited at a port by prepositioned ship (this would be a purely defensive measure..I don't see anyone storming across the border in this scenario).  We have all the air power necessary already in theater and the only thing that we would have to reinforce is tankers. Anti-Missile duties can be taken care of by simply changing the magazines on a few Burkes and if the strike is limited (I saw news that a limited strike was being planned on about 9 facilities) then this could be contained (assuming China cooperates...but I believe they have their own plans).

Long story short?

News reports that the US military isn't ready to go in N. Korea are wrong. I think they've been ready to go since last summer.

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