Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It goes from bad to worse in Houston. Levee breach reported....

via CNBC.
Officials in Brazoria County, outside Houston, warned on Twitter on Tuesday that a levee at Columbia Lakes had been breached by floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey and urged any residents who had not already evacuated the area to leave immediately.

Houston reservoirs that have contained heavy rains from Tropical Storm Harvey are starting to overflow, forcing authorities to release more water into the city's swollen drainage system to alleviate pressure on two dams, Harris County officials said on Tuesday.

County officials are monitoring six neighborhoods around the reservoirs and encouraged residents in those areas to evacuate before the water levels rise.
Story here. 


Things have gone from bad to worse.

Possible scenario?  We could see downtown Houston flooded by tonight.  Worst case?  We could see these waters remain in the area for another week. Anyone familiar with waterways in the south know one thing.  When you think it's bad, its just the beginning.  Water will rise for another couple of days after the rain stops.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

The authorities are behind the power curve of this event.  FEMA, Texas State, Federal Emergency Management, Dept of Defense are all NOT moving fast enough to keep pace with the changing situation.

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