Monday, August 14, 2017

Logically the incident in Charlottesville HAS to be labeled a terror attack

A real quick and dirty this morning before we get back to weapon systems.

The dude above (wearing the glasses looking like a marshmallow) killed a woman and injured several others in Charlottesville with the use of his motor vehicle.

I wavered on this yesterday.  Initially I thought that we shouldn't label it a terror attack and that murder charges were enough.

Then I looked back over some of stances in the past.

It was inconsistent and gave this guy a benefit that he does not deserve. How can we consistently, without doubt or hesitation call muslims that run people down with vehicles a terror attack but not this?

When it happened in France or Germany we did it and didn't think twice.  Now it happens in the US and a neo-nazi is involved and everyone is having second thoughts?

It's logically inconsistent.

The only thing that keeps me from pounding the table is the charge sheet against this guy.  They're going with 2nd degree murder.  I'd like an explanation of that (perhaps a better understanding of the law).  Heat of passion thing?  How can that justify things?  He went to a rally and participated in the violence.  From reading the comments I can tell that if this guy was Antifa or BLM people and the victims nazis then it would be full bore "terror attack" from most.

Logic says it MUST be terror attack.  That's a fact. 

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