Sunday, August 27, 2017

Mayweather stops McGregor....

via Reuters.
A ruthless Floyd Mayweather scored a 10th round technical knockout over mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor on Saturday, the American cementing his legacy as an all-time boxing great with his 50th win in as many fights.

Mayweather, who had guaranteed an early finish to the 12 round contest, made good on his promise when he pinned a brave-but-limited McGregor on the ropes and mercilessly hammered the Irishman before referee Robert Byrd stepped in to halt the bout.

The fight, which Mayweather insisted would be his last, sends the 40-year-old into his second retirement with a unblemished 50-0 record to surpass heavyweight legend Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 mark for most wins without a loss or draw.

”This was my last fight tonight. For sure,“ Mayweather declared in the ring. ”Tonight was my last fight. Tonight I chose the right dance partner to dance with.

”Conor you are a hell of a champion.
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So predictable it hurts.

The only thing that's surprising by this result is that the fight last this long!  For McGregor to get it to the 10th?  That was NOT delivering on a promise of an early stop!

Either way both guys got paid.  Many will be debating this fight.  MMA and Boxing will probably try and work something out so that they can have a "cross champion" by blending certain rules together...that way Boxing can get back on the map and MMA can develop a means to pay their fighters a decent wage across the board...

In the end though I still think this was goofy dogs breakfast of a combat sports event.  The vid below sums it up....

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