Tuesday, August 22, 2017

So Sorry India & China Latest Video

Thanks to Rituraj for turning me on to these vids!

Wow!  I guess things are a bit more intense than I thought between China and India.  When you have populations getting involved in the mocking then you know they're paying attention and that they're ready to get to hookin' and jabbin'.

Well from a quick view of this series of videos it seems that the Indian people are indeed locked onto to the situation with China and feel no fear.

That's kind of ironic.  We have many quaking in their boots (with some justification...a miscalculation could be horrendous) about the possibility of war with N. Korea even though the final outcome is certain (IF WE'RE WILLING to escalate fast enough to render them impotent)...on the other hand you have India that shows no fear when it comes to possible conflict with China.

Is the missing ingredient for the US simply confidence?

Have we gotten to a point where we no longer believe we can do hard things?

This web post is getting away from me but look at our potential competitors...China, Russia, India...even Brazil and to a lesser extent Turkey and Iran could be lumped into that category (notice I make no distinction...these countries all aspire to be top dog in my opinion)...what do they have that we don't?

I think it's that they believe they can do the hard thing and are busting ass to get it done...by cheating if necessary, taking advantage of every trade rule if they can and by pushing ahead at home as hard as they are abroad.

Could it be that we've lost our mojo?  Could it be as simple as rebuilding American confidence to get it back?

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