Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Trump's condition based standard sets the stage for another 16+ years of war in Afghanistan.

You want to know the most important and misunderstood part of Trump's speech was last night?  Check it out below.
“It’s counterproductive to set deadlines that aren’t condition-based, which gives the adversary a timetable that allowed them to wait it out.”
I'm sure both Trump and his speech writer thought that they would appeal to the base...and to the military with this statement.

They were wrong.

In essence what the current President of the United States has done is to sign the country up for another 16 years of trying to build Afghanistan and defeat the Taliban.

Conditions based?

That's simply code for fighting till you win...which we won't.

Ya know what kills me about the military leadership we've seen during our fight in the Middle East?  These are the same bubbas that talked shit about Commanders in the Vietnam War.  McMaster even penned a book about it called "Dereliction of Duty".

I am miffed, confused and more than a bit amazed that no defense reporter has asked him how he could be so critical of leadership during that era when he seems bound and determined to repeat every mistake they did and invent a few new ones they never would have dreamed about.

Make no mistake about it.  The arrogance of our military leadership in pushing for this continued war IS WEAKENING our nation.  Why did leaders during Vietnam decide to call it quits?  You better bet your ass they didn't want to be known as the generation that lost a war, but the threat of the Soviet Union was looming overhead and they knew that they could not waste combat power on that forsaken country.

Current leaders are either too blind or too ignorant to see the same threat with regard to wasting combat power and China.

One last thing.  Have you noticed the number of troops requested?  About 4k. That's right around the size of a Brigade Combat Team.  Marines will play but this will be an Army show.  By sizing it in that manner and with the push last year (gotta find the article) to establish a Counter Insurgency Battalion it really looks like someone was planning for generational warfare last year.  It's almost like Trump is just following the script...and that's NOT why he was elected.

Rant over.

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