Sunday, August 13, 2017

The US is caught up in racial strife/N. Korea crisis and China continues to build it's new Combined Arms Brigades...

The US is caught up in racial strife stemming from the idiocy in Charlottesville, the N. Korea crisis, ongoing wars in the Middle East, a weak economy, false Russia drama and various other maladies.

Meanwhile China is continuing to modernize their Army and building new Combined Arms Brigades.

Pics above and story via China Defense Blog.

Long short?  Last month they fleshed out the 86th Combined Arms Brigade, and especially the 91st Combined Arms Brigade that has an Amphibious Assault role (pay attention Marines...these are the bubbas you'll eventually cross swords with).

This month (taken from a chart on CDB) they've built out the 1st, 16th, 125th, 132nd, 154th, and 163rd Combined Arms Brigades.

You're not impressed and they're just moving deck chairs?

Think again.

They're building self contained, expeditionary forces that are designed to fight overseas.  In essence they're planning to outdo and outperform Stryker Brigades.  I don't know what they're thinking in terms of the USMC but they're still gonna have armor attached (what I didn't touch but deserves attention are the new Air Defense, Artillery, Engineering and Special Ops Brigades they've designated...Company Landing Teams are gonna get ate up against these formations) and look capable of going toe to toe with the new light weight, light armor, weak artillery Marine Corps the leadership is envisioning.

We're in turmoil and they're moving ahead.

We can't afford this drama...not now.  China is looking to drink our milkshake.

They're all fucking trash...

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