Saturday, August 05, 2017

This McMasters thing is becoming curious.

I might have steered you guys wrong with following Conservative Treehouse. Those guys are all over the map in their analysis and quite honestly I'm starting to believe that they're pulling shit out of their ass.  Check this out ...
As previously stated.  After a few days of watching the initial construct of the alliance that was forming against HR McMaster, we discussed and outlined how skepticism and cynicism should be the larger contrasting issue when reviewing such reports.-SEE HERE AUGUST 3rd–

The last 24 hours of specific push-back from U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli officials confirm our earlier outline.

If you go back and look at the alliance against McMaster you will see the communal ideology carried by all his detractors.

The hardline Israel-First lobbying group is a powerful force and unfortunately at times they use their media power to reach too far.  When confronted with push-back they immediately scream accusations of antisemitism against any person behind policy they disagree with.

The HR McMaster manufactured NSC controversy is simply one such example on a large scale.  The America-First policy platform remains pro-Israel despite the efforts of concerned policy hawks to reverse the priority.
What I find weird is that this "Israel supporter" came out of nowhere.  No one I've read questioned his support of Israel!

The problem with McMaster is his ideology when it comes to Syria, and Afghanistan.

The dude wants perpetual warfare there.

If that makes someone pro-Israeli then maybe I need to change camps.

I still don't know why the games are being played in Syria but IT HAS NOTHING to do with Assad being a bad guy.  The fuckers we call allies in that fight are as bad or worse.  Why the Israelis and US govt are supporting them is beyond me.  Even WORSE is the fact that McMasters lines out so completely with Graham and McCain...neo-cons from all our nightmares that never saw a war they didn't want to send Americans to fight.

The more I read stuff from Conservative Treehouse, the more I think I'm getting spun.

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