Friday, August 25, 2017

US Forces participate in raid in Somalia that kills 3 children....this will win hearts and minds....

via US News
Somali forces supported by U.S. troops shot dead 10 Somalis, including three children, in a village near the capital Mogadishu on Friday, a witness and local officials told Reuters.

The involvement of U.S. troops was confirmed by U.S. Africa Command, which said it was investigating reports of civilian casualties.

The Somali army said no civilians were killed and all the dead were members of the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab militia, which is fighting to overthrow the weak U.N.-backed government and impose strict Islamic law.
Story here. 

This is just perfect.  Someone really needs to reel in SOCOM and get these Combatant Commanders under control.  It seems they have never seen a raid plan that they don't like and the CC's won't approve.

We participate in a raid where 10 people are killed and 3 of the ten are children?

Not fucking good.

You say no big deal, kids can be combatants?  I say bullshit.  If conventionals had done the same you'd see charge sheets flying and JAG would fast rope in to make sure you were in the brig by midnight.

We seriously need to rethink our drink.  We keep supporting govts that are despised by their people.  Are we sure we're on the right side of things?

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