Friday, August 25, 2017

Mig-41 is real!!!!!

via Defense Aerospace.
The cutting-edge interceptor aircraft, which has been under development for several years, will be able to reach space and even potentially operate without a pilot, according to the CEO of the MiG corporation working on the project.

The research and development of the PAK DP (perspective aviation complex of long-range interceptor) was launched by the MiG Corporation in 2013. PAK DP, dubbed by media with the unofficial designation MiG-41, is expected to replace the aging long-range interceptor MiG-31 and its variants.

The new fighter will be a spiritual successor of MiG-31, MiG Corporation CEO Ilya Tarasenko stated, shedding some light on the interceptor under development. 

Jesus!  This is what I've been screaming about!  The protracted, seemingly lasting forever development of the F-35 has caused the US and our allies foolish enough to buy it, to fall behind in the development curve.

The Chinese are already flying the J-20.  The Russians are soon to get the SU-57 ironed out and you can bet both planes will be exported heavily!

Now we hear the Russians are working on the Mig-41...a plane I thought was from the weird dreams of a krokodil user on the streets of Moscow!!!  This is too much.

Even worse?  You can expect a continuing resolution this year due to Trump's shenanigans which means that you will see NO plus up in our defense budget. Dems are already feeling emboldened so that means if the defense is increased so will social programs which means we're looking at FLAT budgets not the hoped for increase.

Unless we get our act together we're gonna fall behind.  Remember when the SU-27 was first introduced and the West got a fighter shock?  Remember when the Soviet Union fell and we got a look at the missiles from East German fighters and got another shock?  Remember how we had a Super Hornet fire an AIM-9X at an outdated Syrian fighter and the missiles were spoofed by it's flares?

You think we have the most advanced kit?  If that makes you feel better then roll with it...but I wonder....

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