Sunday, September 10, 2017

AAV Bn is once again the stars of Hurricane relief...the original intent of this vehicle is being realized again!

Thanks to Strider 40 for the link!

via Fox13 News.
The Marine Corps amphibious assault vehicles, Humvees, and other vehicles turned heads as they were moved from their waterfront barracks near the Gandy Bridge.  They wanted to remain accessible and ready to go even after the Zone A evacuation order was issued.

The tracked vehicles – which can float if needed – were still drawing a crowd as they sat outside the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today.  Some were even posing for photos with the trucks.
“We had seen these here before, for another hurricane,” one neighbor offered.  “For us, it means we’ve got a lot of safety here just in case people need help or get trapped inside their house. I like to see these here.”
Story here and photos below from the same article.

Yeah I'm repeating myself.

Yeah I'm shouting.

The Marine Corps has a superstar in its midst.  The AAV...a weapon of war is going back to its roots of being a life saving device during hurricanes.

This is a piece of Marine Corps lore that people don't realize.  The Alligator, as Roebling called his invention, was originally meant to save people during hurricanes. Check out the history of the Alligator here. I'll try and find a better history of the machine but that's a too short summation.

The point remains.

When it comes to disaster relief the Marine Corps has a gem on its hands.

It does during combat too.

The Ground Combat Element and the MEU as a whole should NOT be thrown away to chase a future warfare concept that is so fatally flawed that I can punch holes in it from my chair.

The aviation centric Marine Corps has continued to fail at disaster relief and basing relief efforts around the MV-22 is a fools errand.

It's time to abandon this flight of fancy and do real work.  Get the AAV-SU into service post haste.  Stop artificially extending the testing of the ACV and make a selection and get it into service asap!

Oh and lets put a pin in this aviation centric nonsense and make our MEU's reinforced with the addition of a MLP to the current three ship ARG, plus up our arty and get ready for the fights of the future.

But back on task. The AAV does two things when it rolls into town.  It lets people know that help is on the way.  Second.  It waves the Marine Corps banner loud and proud.

Well done 4th AAV Bn! Let's hope HQMC is paying attention!

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