Saturday, September 02, 2017

Brilliant PR move by the President live on TV!

I just got finished lifting, come back home and what do I see?  The President and first lady are doing a photo op of serving food to hurricane victims.

It's fucking brilliant.

You have mixed crowd of people.  Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and others are all talking and taking pics with the President.

As usual, and much to my embarrassment, you have a rather large black lady shouting "Thank you Jesus" as she poses with a pic of the President.

This is crazy, brilliant and whoever thought of it deserves a raise.  The news media can't spin this in any way other than the guy being out in the field talking to the citizens.

Will it erase all the crazy shit he's said in the past month?  Hell no.  Is it the right optics now?  You bet your ass.

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