Saturday, September 02, 2017

The next Marine Corps commercial? Combat footage and these pics of 4th AABn doing work!

Thanks to John for the pics!

Drink in those pics above.

Tap on the shoulder of some bubba at HQMC or Marine Corps recruiting command.  Get them to take notice.

Small rant?  I am SO FUCKING TIRED of the milktoast Marine Corps recruiting commercials.  They don't sing.  They don't inspire.  They don't move.  In short you don't watch the stuff they've been pumping out and feel your soul stir.

You want to get Marine Corps commercials back on track?  You get some combat footage of our boys hookin' and jabbin' in Afghanistan and Iraq...and then you toss in these pics.

I'm gonna beat on this drum for two reasons.  The first is that I'm ashamed that the Marine Corps wasn't forward leaning.  Someone should have been ready to get these units deploying.  The couple of news blurbs of MV-22's passing thru Pensacola on the way to Texas IS WEAK SAUCE.  The aviation centric Marine Corps has failed again and the concept is trash (remember the HA/DR that the Marine Corps participated in where a UH-1Y crashed into the mountain...that was the first'll perform poorly in combat too...MARK MY WORDS!).

The second is that the Marine Corps missed a huge opportunity (although the 4th AABn is picking up the slack) to be seen aiding fellow Americans.  National Guard?  US Customs?  Border Patrol?  US Coast Guard?  US Navy? US Army?  All visible.

Thank God we had tracks moving to the sound of chaos or else we would be an afterthought!

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