Friday, September 22, 2017

Bronco 3 ready for production...

via IHS Janes.
Singapore Technologies (ST) Kinetics has completed development of its latest Bronco 3 all-terrain tracked carrier (ATTC) and is ready to start production once a launch order has been secured, the company’s chief marketing officer Winston Toh has told Jane’s .

The original Bronco, now referred as Bronco 1, was developed to meet the operational requirements of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) with over 45 variants now deployed, most of these being fully amphibious. No production figures have been released but Jane’s understands that at least 730 have been built for the SAF.

To meet an urgent UK Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) a new model was developed that is today called the Bronco 2, or Warthog in British Army service, with 115 built for deployment in Afghanistan to replace the Swedish BAE Systems Hagglunds BvS 10 ATTC.

The Warthog has a higher level of ballistic and mine protection but is not amphibious as this was not a UK requirement.

Further development resulted in the Bronco New Generation (Bronco NG) technology demonstrator, which benefited from ST Kinetics’ experience with the Bronco 1 and 2 programmes.

This resulted in the latest Bronco 3 ATTC of which two pre-production vehicles have been built by the company for potential customer demonstrations. The final design will be the baseline for all future production vehicles.

Bronco 3 is powered by a MTU diesel developing 325 hp coupled to an Allison 6-speed automatic transmission with Soucy International composite rubber tracks (CRT).
Ya know if the aviation/SOCOM mafia gets their way and everything the Marine Corps has needs to be air lift capable then this might where they go to solve the protected mobility ashore issue.

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