Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dagger Brigade executes first demonstration in Poland...pics by Sgt. Shiloh Capers

I wonder what the Poles think when they see our "demonstrations"?  When it comes to our land forces I just don't think our armor continues to impress. Don't get me wrong.  I think our gear is fine and I like the upgrade paths that are being talked about for both the Army and Marine Corps but its no longer top of the line.  Competitive yes.  Top of the line, world beating?  I don't think so.

When the Strykers showed up I'm sure the Poles said hmm, we have a better ride in the Rosomak (Patria AMV).  Bet the Germans said the same thing with the Boxer.  You know the Italians weren't impressed at all when they have the Centauro MGS/IFV.  Spain has its Piranha III's that are stablemates so they're not impressed either.

When it comes to tracked armor, the Poles have the BMPs they're still riding but they're looking to upgrade soon, the Germans have the Puma etc..

I won't even touch on what the Russians are thinking, and I won't make a dash across the Pacific to look at things either.

Long story short?  The armor race is on and we're stuck in the blocks fapping to networking when the iron triangle still reigns supreme.

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