Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How pathetic is the relief mission in Puerto Rico? A reader blasts the metrics!

Remember this post from earlier today? via Defense News.
To date, the amphibious assault ship Kearsarge and dock landing ship Oak Hill have “conducted eight medical evacuations, 148 airlifts and delivered 44,177 [pounds] of relief supplies and cargo to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands,” U.S. Northern Command said in a statement.

U.S. forces have also restored a mobile communications tower at St. Thomas International Airport to enable the airport to receive additional aircraft to evacuate residents.

The amphibious assault ship Wasp has been conducting similar rescues in Dominica, but that ship will be departing the region to head to the Pacific, where it will eventually relieve the Bonhomme Richard, a Navy official said.

Approximately 2,600 U.S. military personnel and National Guard members are currently involved in Hurricane Maria relief efforts, the Pentagon said.
Do you get the force of connection?  I didn't, the only thing I knew was that the effort seemed kinda small.  Exactly how small?  Thanks to my experienced and eagle eyed readers we get an idea.  Check out what Charley A said...
 To give you an idea of what 44K pounds is, that about the max payload for a single C-130, and slightly more than a single Class 8 tractor trailer combo...

I would not publish those numbers - they are not impressive.
Unimpressive doesn't even begin to describe it.  That's why I love my community.  So much military experience from so many fields that there is little that we can't puzzle together.

And thanks to one of them we get a pretty good description of the relief effort.

It's pathetic, and woefully insufficient.  Earlier I stated that the NorthCom Commander was in over her head and should be fired.

Let me raise the stakes a bit.  She should be fired, reduced in grade and then forced to retire.

This is totally unsat. 

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