Saturday, September 09, 2017

Did an X-plane or F-35 crash?

Thanks to Numo for the link!

via Flight Global.
An unidentified US Air Force aircraft assigned to Materiel Command crashed on the Nevada Test and Training Range on 5 September, killing the test pilot and raising questions about the potential existence of a new classified aircraft.

The USAF’s 99th Wing public affairs office at nearby Nellis AFB confirms the crash that occurred during a training mission at about 6pm killed Lt Col Eric Schultz, a USAF test pilot who had previously worked on the Lockheed Martin F-35 test programme. An investigation is underway and “additional information concerning the accident will be released as it becomes available”, the USAF says.
Story here. 

I already have readers saying that it wasn't an F-35 and that we should all move on.  To those people I raise the following issues...

1.  They did not say that it was NOT an F-35.

2.  We do know that information about the F-35...negative information is always timed with release of positive news.

3.  God save the deceased pilot's soul and may his family find comfort, but that bubba had two hands inside the F-35 program and we KNOW they're trying to ramp up production.

4.  Same as number three with the added point that they're trying get the definitive block certified so that they can get foreign sales and have the plane perform as advertised.

With Irma about to hit Florida they decide to release this information?  This happened almost 5 days ago but only now?

I suspect they're hiding bad F-35 news.

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