Saturday, September 09, 2017

Hurricane News. Florida is screwed, and people are stupid.

Watching coverage of Hurricane Irma.  This is gonna be bad juju and all I see are Floridians playing on beaches.

Mark my words.

In a day or so these same people are gonna be begging first responders to come save them.  These same people will be talking about how they went so many days without food or water.

In short, people are stupid.

Next.  It's happening as I predicted.  The USN/USMC is surging into the Virgin Islands and the real story will be what's happening right here in the continental US.  No one is covering that story and the Marine Corps premier force in readiness is being ignored.  The USMC public relations officer needs to choke himself.

Finally I'll keep banging this drum.  You can forget any increase in defense spending.  The economy and the govt just can't afford a tax cut (which Republicans are demanding) along with hurricane relief (which everyone agrees on) and then combine that with more money spent on defense.

An enemy didn't destroy the US military.

Mismanagement of limited resources (and much to the alarm of generals the budget is limited) coupled with a failed war strategy in Iraq/Afghanistan mixed with the focus on the F-35 despite all evidence pointing to it being a failure, has ensured that we will lose the fight against China that is rapidly approaching.  Much to my disbelief and astonishment, the Chinese have already achieved perfect victory...the shocking thing is that we helped them do it.

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