Friday, September 08, 2017

Hurricane Harvey & Irma News. A Law Enforcement ground level view.

I've gotten  couple of viewpoints that my readers need to check out from Law Enforcement on the ground...both in Harvey & Irma.

1.  T in Houston.
Well Sol Houston drains well. There is one side of town still flooded due to the releasing of dams up river, but other than that it's not to bad. The cleanup is starting along with the recovery of bodies. I'm on nights so I'm not involved with that.

 As far as crime these guys here run for anything. There have been a ton of pursuits since we have been here. Gas is getting hard to find, but there is no shortage. There is a shortage of fuel tanks that don't have water in them.
 The shooting at officers has stopped as well. It seems like two rival gang guys shot each other the next day with AKs in the area where officers were shot at. Since then the streets have quieted.

 To be honest more shit was going on after Ike.
 Now there are going to be some messed up guys after this with the body recovery. In my area body snatchers come get them when we find them. Down here the officers find them and have to move them to the ME's van. I'm hearing some guys found 4 dead children in a work van. The guy driving was unfamiliar with the van, a buddy loaned it to move his family, he didn't know the transmission needed to be in park for the rear doors to open. It started being taken away by flood waters and he couldn't get the doors open. Sad story. Have a witness that said the guy had one arm wrapped around a tree and one hand on the door handle holding onto it until it was finally to much. Fuck man.
I knew this was gonna happen but didn't expect it to affect me.  Ya know what I mean.  Taking your eye off the ball just because the next episode shows up.

Thankfully we have T providing updates.  Don't forget about Texas and keep them in your prayers (or wish them well if you don't).

2. JD-Strike in Georgia
well they announced mandatory evacuations for Fort Stewart and Hunter AAF. Liberty County and All of Hinesville. I already moved out my Oldest Son to North of here. Wife and Daughter are already in Hawaii with her folks. I'm stuck here with the dog and a Mandatory recall, 12 on 12 off hunkered down at the PD. Talk about timing. I drop my letter for my 2wk Notice on the 28th of this month, then supposed to load a container first week of October and then bounce on a plane. I worked during Matthew and while it was no way close to the size of Irma, it was rough. Ill tell you the panic buying has been going on since Tuesday, gas has been short and now everyone has to be out of the region starting Saturday 0900, with contraflow on I-16. Looking at the Track, savannah is going to be major flooded even if its a Cat 1-2. al the coastal areas are gonna get wrecked and this is not going to be compared to what Florida is projected to get. I tell you the complete helpless feeling is knowing there is nothing you can really do to protect your property. In my case all of our stuff is boxed and staged for the planned move. Anyway, ill ride the storm out at work. Sol ill keep you posted the best I can while the internet stays up and we got power. Oh and before someone askes why the hell I would move to Hawaii with all the crazy shit going on with Norks and China, I got elderly parents that are not doing well. Have to circle the wagons.
Everyone forgets but Law Enforcement is being asked to leave their loved ones and head out into the wild to protect people they don't know.  That's a huge ask...sorta like being in the military huh?

Additionally I can't emphasize enough that we're seeing two regional events. Affected areas aren't covering a few miles but hundreds maybe even thousands of square miles.

These are potentially storms of the century and you get a chance to watch it. I guess we're blessed to live in interesting times...or is it cursed?

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