Friday, September 08, 2017

The Marine Corps is forward leaning ready to provide assistance in Florida when Irma strikes. GOOD!

via DVIDS.
 Reserve Marines from units in Florida and Alabama are poised to support FEMA, state and local response efforts in anticipation of Hurricane Irma’s land fall. Currently, 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company, based in Mobile, Alabama, 4th Assault Amphibian Vehicle (AAV) Battalion, based in Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida and Combat Logistics Battalion-451, based in Orlando, Florida are preparing to provide support. The preparations ensure Marine Forces Reserve is ready to respond to any requests to bolster Northern Command's support of FEMA's assistance to federal, state and local authorities' ongoing relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

“These are local Marines who live and work in these communities, and they have a deeply-vested interest in helping their neighbors during this dangerous storm,” said Lt. Gen. Rex C. McMillian, commander of Marine Forces Reserve.

Marine Forces Reserve AAV and Recon assets played a critical role during Hurricane Harvey’s relief operations, conducting a number of immediate response missions. In total, the Marine Forces Reserve rescued 1,265 victims, conducted 1,166 welfare checks, delivered 25,500 lbs. of supplies for the American Red Cross and transported 6,000 lbs. of food, water and bedding in support of the U.S. Coast Guard.

The units are organized as a Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force (SPMAGTF). The MAGTF is the Marine Corps’ principal organization for conducting missions across the range of military operations, including Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HADR) across the globe in which the Marine Corps has a great deal of expertise.
So they learned the lesson and they're forward leaning.


This is more of what I expected.  Unfortunately the Kearsarge and it's MEU is deployed to the Virgin Islands.  Looking at this from a visibility standpoint that's a backwater.  The issue that will capture the hearts and minds...especially during this battle of the budget...will be the work that is done in the continental United States.

Another thing.  I noticed that they're trying to highlight Recon's work in this effort.  Nice try but you don't know the Southern United States if you think they're bringing something special.

Every redneck, good ole boy, coon-ass, cajun and their mother has a boat of some sort and will be doing rescues from boats bigger than zodiacs.  Recon will do work I'm sure but they won't capture attention.

AAV's will though.  You see one of those beasts bringing a Navy Corpsman being piloted by Marines and you know help is on the way.  The news media knows that too.

I know what you're saying.  This is a rescue mission.  A disaster relief mission. To hell with the optics.

I tell you you're wrong.  It's both. It's about optics and the work these Marines will be doing.  And it's a fight that the Marine Corps MUST win if it's going to remain an American touchstone.

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