Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Is this the most lethal airgun ammo ever made?

via The Firearm Blog.
Umarex is now offering what it claims to be is the “most lethal air gun hunting ammunition ever created.” That’s a pretty big claim, so lets take a look at what the new Havox ammo is.

Havox is made for small bore air gun hunting. The projectiles are made of specially drawn pure copper that have cuts machined in the business end. When striking soft tissue, the machined cuts allow the copper to open up creating six petals. The petals have “razor sharp cutting edges” and create a “massive wound channel in the target.” Expansion size is said to be twice its original diameter.

The .177 caliber Havox projectile is 7 grains in weight and penetrates 3″ in synthetic gelatin. Both .22 caliber and .25 caliber pellets are also available. The .22 weighs 10.9 grains and penetrates about 3.5″. The larger .25 caliber pellet weighs almost 20 grains and penetrates 4″.
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OK.  I admit this is twisted right up front.  But have you ever wondered what a person with an airgun could do from a slight elevation, from the back of a room in a major city?

Ambient nose would make it almost whisper quiet.

Gun shot detectors would not notice it.

People would either drop like flies from head wounds or would think that they got a nasty sting if they were morbidly obese or in thick winter clothing.

No one ever thinks of it but airgun tech could soon make them the next harassment weapon of choice.

To bring this to the here and now.

Could you imagine what would happen if some pissed off joker decided to attend the next white supremacists rally with antifa in tow to protest? Can you imagine someone plinking both sides to send a message to cut the nonsense?

Fantasy land over.  But seriously.  I think a properly tuned airgun will soon be able to do some serious damage.

NOTE!  I was just pondering for a fictional account of a future event.  The author IS NOT planning on plinking people nor does he have a desire to see violence at one of those rallies.  Is that good enough to keep the lawyers off me?

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